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Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in Advice, Real Estate, Renting |

Property Investment Tips

Property Investment Tips

Many people look upon property investments as means to build up investment portfolios that will yield potential good profits in the long term. Buying low and selling high is the secret behind many highly successful investments. In order to invest in properties that will give lucrative returns, it is necessary to understand the basics about investing in this real estate sector.

Property Investment Tips

Property Investment Tips

It is always beneficial to learn about the basics of real estate investing from experts in this field. These people have the necessary experience and information about the properties that are in demand. But it should be noted that it is preferred that such people should be reliable or known people who already own properties in the areas under consideration.

Property Investment TipsInvesting in the best affordable location will enable the investor to get an idea of the types of tenants that will come for enquiry. By due research in the vicinity, he can fix a suitable rent. It will be best if the property is in a popular location because then the value of the property will get appreciated as time progresses. If one buys in areas where the rent is high and the properties in the market are few, it could be considered as an ideal situation. At any cost one should not go for good properties in rural areas/ bad locations/ areas that are known to be weak rental properties in terms of profits. For the same, it is very necessary to spend time doing ample research of the market and searching for suitable real estates.

The property should attract tenants so it must be clean, decently painted and it must present a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere. The property chosen should be such that the numbers of rooms/ bedrooms/ floors etc. are preferred by tenants. This depends upon their necessity and the fast emerging trends as well.

Generally over the short term, properties do not yields sizeable profits. It is only after a substantial period of time (approximately twenty years or more) that the rental property value will enhance and give potential gains.

It is necessary to be ready with the down payment (that will be required in cash) to the tune of 25% of the cost of the property to be purchased. A successful real estate investor is one that is equipped with all the necessary finances so that when he sees a good opportunity, he can complete the deal immediately.

Property Investment Tips

Due consideration of other factors like maintenance of the property, property taxes, utility charges, insurance, etc. along with the expenditure for ownership of the property is necessary.

The investor must be prepared with sufficient cash in case the property remains vacant for a few months, during which time, he has to pay for its necessary repairs and maintenance. A minimum of approximately six months of mortgage payments must thus be saved up.

If a property in a demand-area is not preferred by many because of certain reasons which can be easily fixed, such a property can be examined. The investor can do the necessary repairs and refurbish it so that its value gets enhanced. It will also yield potential good profits. It is useful to keep the contact numbers of the plumbers, electricians, contractors, painters and other necessary people ready so that one can easily access / contact them when the need arises.

Properly chosen and well maintained properties go a long way in generating passive income. Such investments pay off well with the tax benefits associated with them. Most investors utilize their real estate profits and invest them in further properties. Due to the same, many people get additional income. However, it all depends upon the real estate market. If it is booming and healthy, there are a lot of expectations associated with this sector.

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