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Posted by on Nov 24, 2015 in Advice, Real Estate, Renting |

Renter’s five biggest fears

Renter’s five biggest fears

To rent or to buy a property is a lifestyle choice for everybody. There are pro’s and con’s to both sides of the argument but this is not the time to go down that road. This article is specifically aimed at the rental market and the pitfalls and the fears that renters are faced with.

The number one fear amongst all renters seems to be the fear of the landlord. Most rental properties are dealt through a broker or middle man who normally is the real estate agent or realtor. However many tenants deal directly with their landlord on a whole host of issues. This relationship is often strained and the two parties can often clash.
On one side the owner of the property sees the tenant to be picky over trivial matters and on the other side the tenant is often frustrated with the landlord’s lack of action. Quite often the tenant is just too scared to ask for repairs for fear of annoying the landlord and the chance the rental agreement might be terminated.Renter's five biggest fears
Secondly there is a valid fear of inheriting noisy and unruly neighbors. While most relationships between neighbors is fine and everybody lives harmoniously together there are occasions when a renter will have to deal with somebody that like to push their buttons.
A common squabble is that of noise, and although the situation can be intolerable and hard to live with some renters are afraid to confront their noisy antagonists. This can lead to a very poor quality of life and unhappiness.Renter's five biggest fears
A very common problem among tenants is the nagging dread and fear of not getting the deposit back. Deposits are a huge expense for renters and it is money that is static and cannot be used. But they are a protection for the landlord for any damages incurred whilst the tenant is living in his property.
However this fear is almost wholly negated if a proper contract is taken out at the start of the agreement and is witnessed by a third party. It is difficult having somebody sitting on your hard earned cash but in reality it is unavoidable. Leaving the property spotless when you leave is a good way to ensure you get every dollar back.Renter's five biggest fears

A very valid fear and probably the most common cause of arguments between a landlord and his tenant. After all, landlords do not want drunk tenants to come home and destroy the brand new best kitchen faucet for example.To help document that a renter has a problem in the property it is a good idea to put the complaint in writing.
Just chatting over the backyard fence or on the phone is easily deniable by a landlord that an approach was ever made to him with a request for maintenance.
If the problem persists and it is a serious matter – eg no electricity, then the renter can ask for the property to be assessed. The landlord will have to comply with this request.Renter's five biggest fears
Finally many renters are scared exactly how safe they actually are in the property. Be it from a security point of view or should the building catch fire.
These fears should be voiced before a rental agreement is even signed. If the tenant is unsure of his safety then no matter how fantastic the apartment or house may be these issues need to be addressed before occupancy.Renter's five biggest fears